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irredeemed_ant's Journal

Eric O'Grady
12 June
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  • irredeemed_ant@livejournal.com
[This is a RP Journal for the less than decent pint-sized super hero, Eric O'Grady, aka Ant Man... well, the latest one anyway. A former SHIELD agent turned Initative member turned Thunderbolt turned Secret Avenger. Eric's something of a hero, but he has the unfortunate tendency to be a bit of a voyeur and perv when it comes to the ladies. Oh, and he kinda stole the suit to begin with. And framed a couple of people for it. And when danger's in the air... yeah, he likes to hide and wait to see what happens.

Yes, not your average 'hero' is Eric.

Eric O'Grady is the creation of Robert Kirkman and owned by Marvel Comics. This Journal isn't for profit and is more for fun. Because face it, if you had shrinking powers, we all know what we'd use them for, right? ;)

Muse and Mun are both over the age of 18.]